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CerebralBody Product Instructions 

Cervical Neck Traction Device

Find instructions for our popular Cervical Neck Traction Device by clicking below. This device is great for relieving pain, tension, and discomfort caused by not having correct posture. An example is Forward Head Posture which is increasing due to the increased amount of time in front of screens in modern times.


Premium Posture Corrector 


CerebralBody Posture Corrector Back Brace Instructions
The design of this specific Posture Corrector was prototyped and improved dozens of times until the optimal effectiveness and comfort were reached. This Posture Corrector can be used for daily activities such as working at a desk, routine chores, and even light exercise. 
Hunched posture caused by poor posture leads to health effects such as lower back and upper back pain. After using this posture corrector may be noticeable within a couple days and even sometimes immediately.
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Premium Posture Corrector Information Page

Blog About Poor Desk Posture


Underclothing Lightweight Posture Corrector 

For maintaining correct posture throughout the day, this lightweight posture corrector can be worn discreetly under thick clothes such as jackets or sweaters. Stand up tall and confident with correct posture while enjoying social activities with friends and family without them knowing you are using a posture brace!