Forward Head Posture

What is Forward Head Posture?

It's when poor posture alignment between the head and neck is formed and may be a source of pain. The head leans forward causing increased stress on the back of the neck. View the infographic below


CerebralBody Forward Neck Posture

Here is how Forward Head Posture causes extra stress and results in neck pain!

CerebralBody Cell Phone Neck Pain Posture

Not having correct posture while using cell phones is definitely a big factor in causing forward neck posture.


CerebralBody Forward Head Posture Corrective Exercise

Exercises and stretches can be very effective in combating the effects, such as neck pain, caused by forward head posture.

CerebralBody Best Back Sleeping Position for Fixing Neck Pain

The best sleeping position for your neck while sleeping on your back, is to make sure the neck with the upper back and shoulder such as in its normal healthy and correct posture.

Check the CerebralBody Forward Neck Posture Video!