Stretches To Fix Posture For Lower Back Pain Relief

Stretches To Fix Posture For Lower Back Pain Relief

If you experience lower back pain, going to the chiropractor or opting in for surgery may not be the best course of action.

Simply gaining a better understanding of the importance of good posture, you will be able to greatly reduce the amount of pain experienced by you or by people you know.


  1. Good Posture Definition 

  2. Importance of Good Posture

  3. How Bad Posture Causes Lower Back Pain

  4. Stretches and Exercises For Back Relief

Good Perfect Posture Definition Example Cerebral Body

Good Posture Definition

The definition of perfect posture is a way of positioning your body, so weight is evenly carried by your joints, ligaments, and muscles. Poor posture causes an imbalance in this, making some muscles experience pain.

It is like a group project where half of the people are doing nothing! The rest of the team has to do more work! 

Importance of Good Posture

importance of good posture cell phone neck pain cerebralbody

In the picture above, it is easy to see how poor posture while using cell phones can cause neck pain. Forward Neck Posture is a common problem many people experience.

For the large majority of people, poor posture is the cause of pain. In the same way that cars can be maintained for a long time with proper care, it is very possible for people to reach their later years without aches and pains commonly experienced.

How Bad Posture Causes Lower Back Pain

Good Standing Posture For Lower Back Pain Relief- CerebralbodyLower Back pain is usually caused by tightness due to it taking on a larger load of body weight than it is designed to do. As in the analogy of the team project analogy, the lower back member that is doing all the work.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt is a common posturing issue many people have. Simply put, the hips are not aligned in a balanced way because the glutes and lower abdominal muscles are weak or not being used.

Correct standing posture is when the hips are aligned, so that the glutes, hips, lower back, and abdominal muscles are all receiving the same load from body weight.

Stretches and Exercises For Back Relief


Stretches for the Lower Back and Hips gives relief to the overworked muscle. It is like giving that hardworking team member a day off from work.

The strengthening exercises for the glutes and lower abdominals is like training those lazy team members to do their job!

Lower Back Pain Bad Posture Fix Exercises by CerebralBody

Lower Back Stretch 

This stretches the lower back and hips. The glutes and lower abdominal muscles are contracted which will help you gain function of them.

Hip Stretch 

While doing this it is important to keep the upper body and lower body aligned. This will help stretch the normally tightened hips and allow you to gain awareness of how balanced posture should be.

Abdominal and Glutes Exercise 

The last 3 are ways to exercises are ways to strengthen the abdominal and glute muscles which have been dormant.


Congratulations for taking the huge first steps in learning about benefits of having good posture! 

Continued learning and gaining awareness of muscles is key in living a pain-free life. 

These stretches are by no means a complete guide for your fixing back pain. Each person's case is different so there is no one cure-all method.

If you're thinking that this is too complicated a way to improve posture with little mental effort is through the use of posture correctors. For treatment of symptoms described in this blog, the lower back brace 

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Stretches To Fix Posture For Lower Back Pain Relief


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